Christopher Holland, Inc. began in 2015 after I retired from the New York State Attorney General’s Office with 33 years of civil investigative experience.  As background, the New York State Attorney General’s Office is divided into two broad segments, one defensive in nature and one prosecutorial; the Division of State Counsel which represents the State of New York in all actions and Divisions devoted to representing the people of the State of New York in actions relating to Economic Justice, Social Justice and Criminal Justice.

During my last ten years with the office, I supervised seventeen investigators located in the six Regional Offices west of Albany, NY; Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton and Watertown. This provided me a comprehensive knowledge of the Western New York region. While earlier in my career my focus was primarily prosecutorial cases, my supervisory responsibilities required me to review all preliminary filings in NYS Court of Claims matters (Notices of Intention) along with assigning and supervising the investigation of these tort actions against the State of New York.

Working directly with Assistant Attorneys General on both civil defense cases and civil prosecutorial cases provided me with a strong background developing information most useful to counsel at trial.

One of the questions I frequently hear as a new PI is “What will you specialize in.”  This took me by surprise.  Over my years with the AG’s office I became accustomed to Assistant Attorneys General standing in my office asking me to gather very specific information or handed a case involving an alleged fact situation and being asked to gather the information necessary to prove or disprove the fact situation presented or handed a case which alleged violations of NY law and asked to determine if the law had been violated.   As the Attorney General has jurisdiction over virtually all NY Law, investigators would not specialize in any one area, but rather specialize in gathering the facts regardless of the subject matter.

So, what do I specialize in?  Resolving questions of fact.  There are number of specific techniques used to resolve questions of fact. Some of these are outlined in my Investigative Services page.  Applying these techniques in a professional, insightful and well-informed method will resolve any question of fact notwithstanding the subject matter.

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